Maps and Admins

Post your complaints about ADMINS, VIPs, and PLAYERS in this topic!
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Maps and Admins

Post by HeaD|RolleR » Mon May 14, 2018 3:42 pm

This has been a problem for quite a long time now. Admins changing the maps on their own, cuz they don't like the specific map or simply cuz they can do it.
Last time i checked the rules it was forbidden to change the map on your own

8. Never change the map directly or by vote, ONLY EXSEPTION is if the server has crashed ( OR IF THE SERVER IS EMPTY ) and the plugin has changed the map and then MORE than half of the players don't approve the map changed by the plugin, then admins can have 2 options:
Option №1: Admin starts a vote with a maximum amount of maps in it (that would be 4 maps) by his own choice.
Option №2: Admin start a vote for the map, that was before server crash, only in cases that players want it.

I wouldn't mention this if it didn't become a problem like it is now. Example is Today morning. People voted Cb_Tanks with 60% of votes, there was 14/21 people on the server. When the map changed i had to do 1 chore fast, so i left the server for few mins. Once i came back the map was on 35hp_xmas and there was 7/21 people. Literally change a good map to trash map like 35hp_xmas that everyone leaves on. I know the Admin who did it, but i wont reveal it here. I guess his reason was that he didn't like the map, and some few guys didnt want it also so he changed it.
The point is simple, don't change the map. Simple as that, don't change the map unless the server crashed. Read the goddamn rules, its becoming annoying by now. Happens so many times when i want to play the map i voted for, and someone changes it. And i say to not do it again and yet they do it again. Like, remove everyone's F flag (amx_map) if it's gonna be the solution.
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Re: Maps and Admins

Post by Maverick » Tue May 15, 2018 8:25 am

Okay, whoever is doing that, stop it right frikin now, cause that is one the most hated thing me to witness, back in the day I used to play on other cs servers and then I told my self if one day I had a server this will never be a thing. So that rule has been enforced since day one of the existence of Awesome Cars and will be until our end.

At that point, I am wondering if he is doing it on purpose (ignoring the rule) or never ever looked the rules in both cases we cannot tolerate him any longer. If you don't like the map just use rtv and encourage others to do so as well, while you nominate the map you want, simple as that. :|
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