Random Weapon System on current maps.

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Random Weapon System on current maps.

Post by LOLUMAD » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:13 pm

Okay so most of you know that i don't like this system and i probably never will start liking it but i just can't ignore this.
So the discussion today is going to be about this system on some "current maps" not on all maps.
So while i was playing on cart_attack the system gave us an auto sniper to all players well most of you will now ask the question "so what is the problem that it gave auto snipers to all players the system is supposed to work that way" well the problem is that after the round finishes the winning team the players who have survived get to keep the auto snipers and the problem is that on cart_attack you can't buy weapons all you can do is pick a weapon from the ground and most of the guns there if i remember correctly are AUG(1),M4A1(2),AK47(2) and a machine gun which are good weapons but then there are some other weapons left like mp5 navy and other not so "OP" weapons who can't shoot at long range distance like the auto snipers like with auto sniper i can literally camp in the base and wait for the enemy team to come so i can shoot them from like half of the map and they couldn't even touch me because that shit ass weapon deals around 50-60 damage if you hit them in the chest +200 if you hit them in the head from a long range distance so what i am suggesting is that you remove the "random gun system" from maps which you can't buy weapons and have to pick them from the ground because we all know auto sniper + camp vs mp5 navy or any other weapon the player with auto sniper wins (90% of the time)
Here are some maps which i know you can't buy weapons and have to pick them from the ground
air_fight 2
most_wanted maps
Those are the maps i know that you have to pick weapons from the ground so as i said i think it will be more balanced for both teams to not get any random weapons on those maps and leave the system only on maps which you can buy extra weapons from your base.
But in the end it's up to you ADMINS to yet again make the final decision i'm just suggesting this because i see that it's not balanced on those maps and it ruins the fun for a lot of players.
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Re: Random Weapon System on current maps.

Post by Maverick » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:43 pm

Hello, and thank you for your suggestion I will take the time and will decide what would be more appropriate to remove that auto sniper from random weapon round or to stop the plugin from suggested maps or to not take any action if not necessary.
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