SashkataPro3 is back

Now open. Expect a closing in the pursuable future.
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Re: SashkataPro3 is back

Post by Mr.ONur » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:32 am

Аз мисля, че в сървъра имаме достатъчно админи. Ако някой ден започнат да идват малко повече хора в сървъра може да стане полезен като админ, казвам да защото иначе щял да ме набие :D . И за да си Админ първо трябва да си по редовен, но ти пожелавам късмет да стане.
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Re: SashkataPro3 is back

Post by Maverick » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:39 pm

By my own judgment, Sashkata second application for admin is rejected!

With your last reply, you kinda proved me right, because the first step of resolving a problem is by recognizing that it exists and accepting my criticism of you and eventually work on those points I mentioned (now and 3 months ago). Instead, all I saw is excuses and only excuses. Also, there is no need to beg, nothing good in life has been accomplished by begging someone for something, I just don't find you suitable enough and that is okay. ;)

Going to lock this topic as there is no need to keep extending your suffering.

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