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FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:20 pm
by SavageGirl
- Dear readers :)
Straight to the point tho:
1. I have been playing in this server for almost an year. :D:
2. Yup, I am VIP - here is my VIP Application - viewtopic.php?p=1943#p1943
3. I can say that i speak english pretty well, maybe some of you saw that ;) ;)
4. I am pretty active, I guess. Here is my gametracker - ... .81:27017/
5. In what way you have helped/improved our server so that you deserve to become an admin?
- Well now. As most of you know, I was support. I had support prefix and I've helped pretty massive amount of people. I didnt really report someone on forum and I dont really understand how this admin things work! But all I know is that I want to learn and become a great Admin. Just so letting you know, I would have to do this a long time ago, but I was scared guys! It was all great, because I had that Support prefix, I could help people. And then they removed it! Me and Maverick have talked a lot about that. My word was that Support helps me help more people and then he said - If you want to help more, do this - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=882 . WELL if this is the only way i can help more people, I would be glad to do it!
My moto: Help to the people, they will help each other after that!
Thank you
- Sincerely FURY (SavageGirl)

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:10 pm
by Saad
Was passing by so just a random comment.
"Straight to the point"
Hmm applications are/must always be straight to the point.

Hmm very nice application . Kudos to the one who taught you what to write in these applications and make them look beautiful/catchy and to gain positives from everywhere :)

Oh yea , congrats for almost completing one year , only few people knew that you would make it actually :)

Ermm, about the "Content" in your application , it's kinda messy and little bit not close to reality. Just saying but it's not your fault cause you are unaware and you wrote it :(

I don't wanna say a YES or NO at this point, and won't comment on your content but just want to tell you again , Support is not a thing, You always think it as some other category. NO! told you many times cause nobody knows it and for some reasons i had to break this news so that you know . It's admin! I was the ADMIN! Support was my prefix just to make me look something different, cause i used to be admin on some servers,(Long story) so maverick gifted me this tag. All i was doing was on my own, THE HELP you talk about . I WAS A FREAKING ADMIN !
It's nothing like "I WAS SUPPORT", "YOU ARE SUPPORT" etc.

Application ? hmm Yea you should have done this long time ago but kinda late i guess :(
It was all great, because I had that Support prefix, I could help people.
So did someone tied your hands not to help anyone if you don't have prefix? Or if you are not anything ?
WELL if this is the only way i can help more people, I would be glad to do it!
:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
Seems like if you want to help your countrymen you have to be a President , otherwise you can't help them. o_O

And ending with a motto. Cooooool very coool. Seems like even this was taught to you by someone. :)

I have the actual reply saved and have also sent it to maverick ;) Maybe it's something cool, maybe not :D :D

My Motto : Help people, help them in climbing the stairs to reach the top and when they'll reach it , they'll forget you :haha: oh wait that's not a motto :D

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:21 pm
by Bored Dude
I Approve. she is very active and friendly. +1

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:34 pm
by Maverick
Hello Fury and welcome to this part of the forum where you probably will meat a lot of your friends in the server. :)

I personally would be glad to see you as a test-admin, because (not only) you are one of the relatively old people that have not tried being an admin. I don't have a lot of expectation or hope that you will be the best ever admin, given what I have seen from you till now including but not limited to your regularity in the server. ;)

While I was looking at your application I have come to the realization that you are fulfilling all described requirements so well and perfectly and without a doubt, at this point, you are the best fitted for the job according to them. Will that be the case after you are given a chance? Only time will tell, let's see. :8

I would like to see on which side of the fence everyone else is, so show yourself and tell us what you think. :kek:
Good luck! :D:

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:00 pm
by Xinored
I am Xinored and I have some things to say before I give my answer.
First of all, FURY admin is not the next rank you get after VIP and it's not rank at all. To be admin means to commit yourself to the server. It's like a job, you have to watch for hackers, you have to gag people that abuse chats, you have to make reports about what maps people don't like and leave the server, also about what things are exploited and so on. This is your first priority and playing for fun is second. You have to be loyal to the server - not to the admins, not to the owner but to the server and that means making decisions by yourself. By example if Maverick and you are online and you see someone breaking the rules, you should not ask maverick in pm "Should I punish this guy" or "For how long should I gag this player", but instead you should act according to the rules and your judgement. Also, the major responsibility for admin is to punish players that break the rules and that means stop being a nice guy and do what is expected to keep the server nice place to play.
Next things I want to point out is about your answer to the question " In what way you have helped/improved our server so that you deserve to become an admin?" you said this:
As most of you know, I was support. I had support prefix and I've helped pretty massive amount of people
You should write how have you helped people, in which way By example "I have helped people by pointing them to the VIP forum section and reporting/suggested this and this ...". This is the answer that is expected. Being VIP or support doesn't mean much in this case.
Next thing I want to discuss is about this:
I didn't really report someone on forum and I dont really understand how this admin things work!
Making/reviewing reports play a big part in admin responsibilities. How this works is basically when you see someone breaking the rules you can either punish him on the moment (if you are admin) or report him on the forum for reviewing + uploading some kind of proof (demo, screenshot, chat log). This is helpful in the cases when you are not sure if someone plays with hack, you spectate him and upload the demo here for others to see.

The last thing I want to explain is about this "Support" situation.
The definition of "Support" in Awesome Cars server is player whose job is to:
- redirect people to the forum and to the right topics - about VIP, admin, reports and etc.
- answer to the people's question - how to use a parachute, how to drive vehicles, how to use trails, how to nominate maps and etc.
- advertise the server and forum - spamming in chat server IP and forum address in our server or others
This person is given prefix "Support" so he can be easy recognised by other players for that purpose
The reason why you both with Saad lost your "Support" is because you both ware not active and also don't really engage with others when you are online. But if you look closely you don't really need prefix before your name to do the things I mention above. Fury if you wanna help you can start now, you don't really need special rank or prefix for that, but if you want to be admin you have to get your shit together, both you and Saad!
For Saad
Saad you lost your admin because you are BAD ADMIN, its nothing personal. Even i personally got Jihadista's admin removed because his was also BAD ADMIN and its was again nothing personal. And for fuck sake I'm also bad admin that's why i don't use prefix anymore. We need admins loyal to the server, not to maverick and me and that means you have to be regular at least to the bare minimum and do your duties just like Roller and Badboy do. When you prove yourself committed to the server again then you can have your admin back. And Saad looks like you also misunderstood what "Support" means. It's not like Maverick "gifted" you this "rank" for your contribution to the server or something. It was simply because you ware already acting like a support doing things that I mention above and I remember back in the day talking with maverick about making you admin and he said you didn't want admin, because you ware admin in other server. So instead of normal admin, we decided to give you this prefix and some flags. It's not like it was some sort of special service only unique for you. Anyone could've been support if he was willing enough.
My Motto : Help people, help them in climbing the stairs to reach the top and when they'll reach it , they'll forget you :haha: oh wait that's not a motto :D
In the real world we are living no one gets what he deserves good or bad, you have to be willing to fight for it or at least want it, not expecting someone to be grateful for your help and giving you the recognition you deserve. We have to stop being politically correct and finally tell people the truth, so next time say your honest opinion in this topic instead of sending your real thought in pm to Maverick. So Saad stop being drama queen, get your shit together boi and start again to care about the server.
For final i think Fury meet all requirements and have the motivation needed for tadmin. Just need to be more regular.
But all I know is that I want to learn and become a great Admin.
With everything said I am Xinored and i approve Fury for test admin.

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:22 pm
by Saad
Oh just had a chat with maverick and i already deleted my reply for no reason . Now saw you mentioned me and the post.
Good that you know cause i know you always both talk before making any decision and yea it was something like that . But before you tell me what happened, i know better , before writing a post and same reply again in this application for fun, i re read the emails of 2016 so better don't tell me the exact situation . The meaning of Support is that NOW , it never existed . And yea i was admin on other servers and i didn't wanted them to feel bad that i am admin here , so maverick said " I WILL HAVE THE PREFIX SUPPORT and will have all the normal flags like an admin . So i accepted because i can tell them i actually help people . I hope you know now . I checked my 3 email accounts 2 days ago and re-read all old emails of that time to make sure i don't write anything wrong :* .. You can give explanation to this English word because it is the real meaning but not to what happened with me and what was the truth :) Won't say get your shit together cause i can't to you even for fun ;)

The 2nd thing you don't know "SHIT" about is, i had guts to tell maverick the reality because i felt he's my friend and i told him and i had guts to tell Maverick in MAY to take my Admin and everything back because i don't want and i can't work . So better don't write or tell me what i didn't do, or what i did wrong .. I ASKED him to remove , he didn't .. Months later removed .. If had little bit respect for the people , wouldn't have used the word like removed cause i resigned myself back in MAY when i felt i can't play ... It's like someone is working in some office, and he tells the Boss , "Oh i can't work anymore here, i am resigning and leaves" . After months BOSS issues a notification that "We are expelling this guy for being not loyal to us bla bla" .. So better do reasearch and ask maverick everything before writing :)
And i know how much you noticed me when i remained the only admin active on server for literally 4-5 months , even when maverick was playing very less and he told me on call with you "Right now you're the best admin saad" no one else is active . I said thanks and you used to play a bit more than now but unable to see i guess, didn't got REWARDED for paying all my efforts , but anyways i never wanted anything more except for the server to grow :)
About the regularity of Admins , cool enough you all know it now , Like i said you don't know what me and maverick talked few weeks ago , i told him so many months ago when i was playing and talking about server to him , about regularity of admins , that Badboy /someone is very nice , he is always on server playing or spectating , watching and caring for server .. But i was told " Saad being regular is for VIPs, not for admins" .. So stop telling me what i told maverick long time ago and wanted for us , even before the podcast and red - green - yellow light ;) .. This is the reason when you feel like your voice is not heard at all , you stop giving your comments or opinion, and funniest thing is they tell you afterwards the same things you told long time ago like something new lol ..

About the points in Support yes that's what i was doing myself even before everything when no one asked me , i hope you know it . Making my own binds everyday , changing my old binds according to server. My thing although i was admin , but they are 2 different things right ? :P Support Admin :D Then talk about one thing , i was not doing admin work , or support work ;P don't play on both sides .. well leave it , since i wrote above the actual thing about Support and the prefix and my activity why i was removed.
So instead of normal admin, we decided to give you this prefix and some flags.
I explained above as well cause you know what happened but ofcourse you can't know the chat, just because i didn't wanted to be shown as admin because of being admin on other server, not some flags but ADMIN flags. :)
You have mentioned this point so many times although you didn't knew 1% what really happened and what happened few weeks ago as well but .
The reason why you both with Saad lost your "Support" is because you both ware not active and also don't really engage with others when you are online.
I made my own things , you talk alot about taking decisions yourself etc , so i took all decision steps myself , making my own binds just because its who i am , did it with other servers and this one as well . No one gave me tips, it was all my self made binds because people used to ask and i used to tell them , Kindly watch your sentences , and don't add everyone , " also don't engage with people " yea , surely thats why you all used to joke about me "saad saad" cause everyone was asking me only , they used to get shut up from head admins also but i used to help them myself , that's the reason everyone used to spam saad saad and ask me , and i used to tell them not 1 time but 10 time unless they get it , Surely didn't engaged :) .. Well i told others , its not my job , in private msgs of chats, forum msgs , to engage if you want to become great part of this community , the first thing i told every person wanting to be VIP or anything , to engage on server, talk with each other , come on forum and ENGAGE , so again better don't tell me , i wasn't engaging , and not active cause, not your fault because you didn't knew i left myself , PMing Maverick to TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY cause i don't feel like efforts are being recognized :) And oh wait , remember those GAGS for fun for 10- 10 mins ? When i was talking to a guy and he was asking and a GAG ? WOW everyone laughed but want me to engage with a gag lel ? not only one time :) And i am really glad i told this exact things to Maverick few days ago , exact . You can confirm it with him, if there is any change of words ,, And Oh wait , activity , even told Roller cause i know he heards , that for the first time my yellow activity bar on gametracker became empty because i didn't felt like efforts are recognized and i didn't played that time.
SS Attached :
Muahh babe :*
Glad i don't delete anything cause i don't change my words with situations , I am who i am , no shame in sharing them as well ;)
Then still kept playing, told Maverick finally i will leave for some days for papers cause whole semester i was here , now need to GET MY SHIT TOGETHER ;P came back played again consecutive and in MAY told him TO TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY :)
Drama Queen , i love it when you say it cause it's a very funny nick :D but funny how you don't know that drama queen never did anything , told Roller also wanted to make I QUIT post but didn't , Oh ask maverick he also knows , i have shared with him also few weeks ago , Okay so the drama queen didn't made i quit posts and just keeping "HER" feelings inside , so that nobody feels bad , resigned , LISTEN AGAIN babe , RESIGNED !!! "Maverick , Take everything back from me , i don't want and thank you for everything" cause i had SHAME, that i can't work now and i have the responsibility, so it's not good , without a day delay , resigned and after some days stopped playing regular .. In MAY !! YOU HEAR it ? :D MAY :D JUNE JULY AUGUST ,, SEPTEMBER using word "removed" :D What a way to to recognize the efforts :D So i guess i have explained many things what you didn't know , or maverick didn't shared with you , cause it was between me and him :) and even you can read my comment of Sept, on removed post :D Wished you knew the reality before talking about those things ;) and next time will pay attention to post or atleast ask someone what is the actual truth so you don't write wrong about someone for no reason or just to make your post look good.
But nvm next time ask and confirm from the actual people instead of WHAT YOU THINK HAPPENED , or relying on MAYBE's.

About the motto : Yea it was for someone :D But i agree with you completely , thats what i read everywhere that when we help someone love someone we start expecting the same or atleast something , thats where the problem starts :D
Honest opinion : I never write anything about Admin Application at all , YOU KNOW , Maverick knows it , ROLLER FANTA BLACK PANTHER TOXIC SHOOTER knows it . Cause they asked me and i always don't feel like going in this , i feel you guys can decide the best for the server , this is the only thing i don't comment into and it's been always like that and whenever everyone asked me i told them the same thing . :) So even in that, i didn't said any answer, and to Maverick even i just wrote the points and told him the examples about what i think :)
Muahh again ;) hope i replied with much love , instead of being RUDE or getting mad and cleared ALL OF YOUR MISCONCEPTIONS and the things which you didn't knew and you felt like you know them cause you the KING ;P

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:45 am
by XxXBadBoyXxX
before I write my opinion I will say that being an admin is not an easy task it means no compromise to anyone if it breaking any of the rules you should punish it as you say those klesh "stop being a nice guy and do what is expected to keep the server nice place to play. " you also need to be more active in the server. I think it deserves to try for admin. That's everything from me for now.
Good luck! ;)

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:04 pm
by HeaD|RolleR
Alright. As i said be patient and you will get the answers.
I must say this is the best written Admin application we had on the forum. And i congratulate you on that,really nice :)
As for my opinion, I think you will be a good admin as long as you listen and keep your activity up.

Anyways I, Mr.Roller, as a Head Admin of this server approve Fury as a new Test-Admin.

Kind Regards;

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:42 pm
by Xinored
After seeing things clearly on the next day I want to admit that I was wrong to say what I said about you, Saad. I was having a bad day and I took my frustration upon the person that least deserve it. For that, I want to apologise. Clearly, I wasn’t aware of many of the things you point out including your private conversations you had with maverick (except the things that concern the server) and it’s my fault for not paying attention what really happened. I didn’t talk with maverick or anything before I wrote that reply and it was something on the moment without much thought given, and I know that’s not excuse so I take my words back and for future, I will remember your advice and research thoroughly before start talking about something/someone. I completely agree with your reply and I’m glad you said what you said and opening my eyes. You don’t owe the server or me or maverick anything you just be yourself like always. I’m also glad that you stayed in this server all this time and didn’t really quit like others and myself did, so I want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. It may not seem like it but maverick and I value your opinion and I hope you won’t stop replying in VIP/admin or other topics that concern the server, just stop saying “Maverick and Nojarq know best for the server it's up to them” because that’s not always true. That’s all I wanted to say. I will keep the post above so that people can see what idiot I am.

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:36 pm
by SavageGirl
It is so nice to see unbreakable friendship! I am crying again, but this time the tears are happy tears! 😍😍😀😄🤗🤗😭😭