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Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:48 pm
by Fantastic
SavageGirl wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:36 pm
It is so nice to see unbreakable friendship! I am crying again, but this time the tears are happy tears! 😍😍😀😄🤗🤗😭😭

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:18 pm
by Maverick
Hello everyone once again. As one of the main people of all that it is my duty to clarify the things a little bit or to just throw my two cents about the recent posts not because they are wrong or something but still. :)

Bellow I will try to give simple timestamps and only facts to avoid opinion biases from me. What I have to say is in the "Show" blocks :8

  • Spring of 2016
    We have made Saad an Admin and gave him prefix Support, because of him already doing an awesome job in doing it so.
    At that time I did not have any thoughts that is only for him and no one else can be as well. Although until this day I have never seen a better one. He is a true example of why unique positions should be created.
  • March of 2018
    Fury talked to me and express her desire to be something more than usual AwesomeVIP, but not Admin. And the only thing that came to my mind was Support without having the admin flags. That is how and why.
    At that time Fury and Saad would not have been comparable in any way possible, let alone that Saad has been teaching her how to use the forum, how to use different commands in the server and I supposed help with the game.
    Now it should be mention that Saad is doing that to genuine everyone and he is glad to help with what he can, that is why he was given that title.

    Why did I give it to her you might ask then? Well in a way was a path to becoming an admin if she is good at that and probably I am biased because I value Fury more than other VIPs for reasons hard to explain or unknown.

    Saad was not happy about that, but I said everything will be okay after a while, taking in mind that she would apply for test admin about a month (early May) when she came back from being missing, because of her laptop charger. And as well all know that did not happen for whatever reasons and she continue to be a Support.
  • June of 2018
    Saad was inactive for quite some time (maybe a month or even more) and wrote to me remove his admin. And I said no Saad no you are very good admin and friend and will not do that do you.
    At that time I had no idea that one of the main reason for him being less among us is because of that support thing in March, (and the feel of "server does not need me anymore" caused from his contribution being insignificant in his view) it all started then. Although I knew he was not happy about it back then I did not make the connection.

    In my eyes, I don't see anything wrong with having a two Supports working together and making the server a great place for everyone and on the surface there is nothing wrong with it. It sounds good right? Well no!
    Here is why and why Saad, in my opinion, is so much irritated.

    By putting Fury in Saad's team means in a way they are both the same and equally deserve to be there. Which from the Saad's post where I can confirm all that is correct is simply not the case and never was. Saad was here from the beginning and he put as they say "sweat and tears" for the server for the community, being loyal all those years by helping us in improving everything. And now suddenly we are making him equal to Fury. It's like work or school when you work your ass off and the other colleague to you gets the same credit as you, of course then you will lose motivation to continue to work and start being sloppy as the other. And that is what is this case about.

    For a moment I thought that is something related to Saad's religion or himself, but now when I think more and more. Actually is a pretty major reason to do and why his is actions are like this. And given that we are best friends, that even feels like he is betrayed by his best friend for what for nothing really that even came close. I got you, my friend, I got you. :)

    By the way nothing wrong with Fury either, the same thing would have happened if it was any other person (of course it makes it worse because Saad taught her of much many stuff, but that is his nature as we all know) on the face of the earth. Fury is a person I much much appreciated and even love his personality and character and my heart has space for both of you, but it should be like yin and yang, not the one instead of the other. And I can not live without each one of you.
  • September of 2018
    Saad got back to AwesomeVIP and the Support thing got removed.
    Actually, Saad was removed for inactivity for real. As I told you above I did not make the connection (that's why he got for inactivity but not because he wanted so in May) of Saad being unhappy about second support in March and being inactive throughout whole this time. So I just looked in everyone's gametracker stats and cleaned the admin list from inactive or useless people.

    Now for Fury, the reason is that she was not as helpful to the people as Saad once was not even close, plus she was not even that much active on the server throughout the whole this period. In other words, she did not do a good job and failed to be a good Support. For her credit, I would say she was not an admin like Saad, something I believe is important to really make a difference (that's why I recommended her to apply for an admin).
    And the whole support thing at once became useless to exist.
  • October of 2018
    Fury applied for an Admin
    To be honest, judging how regular is she, how "well" she did with support thing and knowing her personality I have doubts how good admin she will be, just like I had with pvzero zonix and badboy and one of them turned to be a good admin.
    So everyone who has been among us for so long time deserves the right to try and check for himself.
With all that you might be asking yourself couldn't that be avoided and the answer is yes if Saad and Fury never existed, but then again the same is true for me. :D:

About Nojarq first post no I would not say it is wrong, but it just a different point of view with what he knows and saw from Saad. Because Saad rarely speak directly and it always with some kind of hidden message in an effort to not be rude of offend someone.
Saad wrote: i told him so many months ago when i was playing and talking about server to him , about regularity of admins , that Badboy /someone is very nice , he is always on server playing or spectating , watching and caring for server .. But i was told " Saad being regular is for VIPs, not for admins"
Now this is a little bit tricky, because being ONLY active Test-Admin won't get you ADMIN, but once you get to the admin you need to be active and do your job. I remember I have answered you that in answer why pvzero won't become an admin, it's because I am looking for a good admin (he was very active in the server as test-admin) not for someone that is very regular and with mediocre admin qualities.
My moto: reunite people, reunite :)
Arghhh I am tired of writing and if you are reading this you have no life. :P

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:53 pm
by Saad
It's completely fine Nojarq and you are not an idiot :) :D And Thank You so much :) It needs a BIG HEART to listen without getting mad and you also wrote so big post , taking the words back which were wrong. Thank you :) lel didn't slept that Sunday whole night, thinking whole night . Kinda gay but ... :) Thank You again :) Sorry from my side as well if the words were kinda rude cause i never talked in that way with you people, for Fun yes but not in serious mood.
and Thanks Maverick , just the last thing want to say or correct a bit.
Yea that was the case, and the reason was we always talked about server everyday, the time all shooter,pvzero were being tried and the same day this decision was made, and i didn't played at same time with Fury , and got to know after 2-3 days by someone else that "oh wow saad you and fury both support" .. At that time i didn't believed that, why i didn't knew anything about it although the same day we were talking about new test admins. The remaining story you know already but the thing i want to correct a bit is it was March , i didn't played for a day or 2, joined but didn't do anything, the same thing i talked to Roller on PM in may . Then if you remember like i said , i killed my feelings and continued, whatever was in my mind like "Mav doesn't care or listens etc" and accepted it cause i tried the best way of talking already, at that time we wanted her to apply , to be admin with all of us, but he/she wasn't ready and was unaware of commands, me and maverick talked about it alot. And he/she had much more worth than now(worth in a sense , like much more active everywhere and all the things than now) that was the thing i was pissed of at that time and now, when we all wanted. Okay coming to the actual thing i want to correct is it was MARCH 25 :) I am good at remembering dates, so yea i didn't said anything more to maverick, "i killed my feelings and continued" playing , sometimes with name change but not only for this but because of something else as well, didn't wanted to get caught by some friend. "Best Player" and so many others for fun. And sometimes didn't used Prefix cause lost mood etc and he noticed it and i said no no, that's not the case.. Okay so now the time for links and dates which i have been talking about :
Starts from Page 5th of the Server Humor Topic :
And i (WE) kept playing like normal, you can see all the posts, nobody posts everyday, everything but just some lit moments :D
Around 8-9 posts of just APRIL . And i am in everyone of it, plus talking with Maverick and everywhere.
And even without Maverick i was playing, with FURY TOXIC etc and having fun , cause i just made myself forget it .
See the below posts till Apr 30
so yea there was no problem cause i made myself believe and even told Fury once that no it's not your fault, i am not mad or anything.
And yea 2nd week of April was kinda hard for us , atleast for me cause Nojarq was absent completely , we didn't played anything and me and maverick used to talk about it and something else also happened :D

So the first thing i want to correct a bit was this timing issue, not even a week not even days i left at that time and kept playing. Then in May kept playing. That was the time when Nojarq was still not with us much, me and maverick used to play , i was tired of CS since months but kept playing and with maverick everyday for hour or sometimes 2.. yea THE EXACT TIME WHEN ROLLER GAVE US THE TITLE "THE GAY DUO" :D Everyday we played CS and then something else if felt like and missed Nojarq. Okay so till the 16th May i played everyday with Maverick, and then couldn't come on 17th because i slept , and was sad, because that was my last day because had exams starting from 19th May. Don't like sharing or telling everyone thats why i dont think most people know i study or what i study. Since i was playing with Maverick so i told him that Maverick don't wait for me for someday because i have exams now and this is the most hard time ever in my life, because this time i had exams in Ramadan month , didn't shared the month with him but telling it now and somedays i had 2,2 exams in a day and i don't know if i will be able to make it . The worst thing was the month they chose for our exams because timing is impossible to manage in that month. Okay so i told him i will be not playing so don't wait and keep playing and i will try to come very soon and when i get more holidays between some papers. Was waiting anxiously for them to end so that i can start playing again :D Okay so from 19th to 29 i still came and played around 4 days in between ( memories quite good i guess , the time when ROLLER told you guys thats amxmodmenu and every admin can pause the server etc) ;)
Okay i gave my 3-4 exams and then MAP CHECK DAY 30 MAY, i tried coming cause that day was the hardest paper for me and had 2 exams. But they were in morning and we had to see new map at night so i came that day and was relaxed . There is also something happened between these days but don't wanna share cause i think i told Maverick ..
Okay so then 2 exams were left and easy one so i came back between those. One was on 3rd and last on 6. Came back as promised but with mixed feelings. Okay so the 2nd thing want to correct was this June thingy, like Maverick wrote i wasn't coming since months and stopped playing in March ..
When i came back, i also heard the PODCAST during that time, lel .. And was kinda astonished to see that i shared only with Maverick the reason still i am being the topic now? Okay so then i gave my 3rd June paper and came on 3rd,4th and even 5th .. And then i continued whatever was in my mind after that to show "SEE WHAT CAN I DO" and did that consecutive playing things for continuous month again. Now to prove that i was even playing in JUNE like i told before and just to make a bit correction in the timing of above post. Okay and yea again idk exact date of asking maverick to remove me , it was the end of May or just the start of june. And after that i did my work like i said for 1 whole month with full orange bars. Okay now links for correction
From Page 8th to Page 10th in Server Humor
GAY DUO was back and the cafeteria is full of clips SS etc.
I am playing like i wrote above, with same time but i had in mind what to do now because of some reason . Just completing my time even at the last moments and leaving at a high.
In that time once i asked FURY also to send me her config file so i can bind all my controls so she can just spam all of that when i'll be not there anymore and people can see that she's doing some work atleast not like what we think now about the work she did with that :) She didn't accepted tho ;P

Okay so these 3 pages are also full of clips and me and maverick also talking. Even after 4th July i played a bit and thought why not show them one more month but like i said i wanted to leave on a high note even tho what i felt because of many reasons and being neglected etc .. So you can see in clips i am there in that :D and then i stopped playing , not completely but very less .. July, August . and used to play whenever maverick used to invite me only that's it. and another thing i found is
During summer sale we were playing this game, for the server group and also playing on server . Even made FURY played it and then we used to join CS all together. June 22 - July 5 :) The same time clips have been posted cause i was there whole time even in June and start of July :)

After that things happened, things changed in my life but i won't say i stopped playing for that. I lost interest due to reasons long time ago in the start of June when i asked Maverick to remove me . And then continued my 1 month just to show .. thought about asking him again to remove me , but it will be like "I am doing a drama , being a drama queen" . I knew i had done my work and told him already i can't play now for some reasons which he asked me "why saad? why you want me to remove?" I told him i will tell you but was too tired to write long stories so couldn't write them . Wrote them in September when he "REMOVED me for inactivity" ..
that's it :D Just want to clear some timing and months mistakes.

and again Thank you for the post Maverick as well :) Thanks for listening also :)
And about your motto : No one is divided :)

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:09 pm
by Maverick
After all of that, I did not understand how you got 2.2 exams per day. :D: And yea I am bad with timing and remembering things at all, but it is close enough. :)

Fury will start his test-admin right away and it will continue about 30 days. Take a look at this about some of the commands you will need. :8

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:36 pm
by Maverick
Well hello there again everyone. :8
The time has come and more than a month has passed since FURY applied for admin and now I will share the result and the conclusion. :)

FURY is not accepted to become an admin, because of her lack of involvement in the adminship of Awesome Cars. The main reason is her inability to be consistent enough to fulfill any of my expectations for regularity on the server. :(

Although I am quite biased towards FURY I would not accept such an unprofessional behavior towards the rest of the admin team and the server itself. :|

Good luck being an AwesomeVIP again, thank you. ;)

Re: FURY (SavageGirl)

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:07 pm
by SavageGirl
RIP me 😢😢