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Post by DreaM » Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:40 pm

◘ Your Name - -|LR|-*DIXIKlO*
◘ Your age - 17
◘ Where are you from - im from Bulgaria
◘ Your gametracker.com page about the server - I played on the server about a year ago and something, but my gametracker links is not real minutes.
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Re: -|LR|-*DIXIKlO*

Post by Maverick » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:53 pm

Hello and first of all welcome to the forum.

I am glad to see you have managed to make your application correct from the first time, not like many others, not able to comprehend the simple rules.

I see you have been regular and with good behavior since today, according to the links you gave and I would recommend you to do so for quite a while (weeks). The purpose of that is we want to make sure you really deserve that AwesomeVIP status with which we reward the most valuable and dedicated to server and the community people. It has to feel like you earned and got it because you are good because there is nothing really free in life if you don't pay with money you pay with your valuable time and contribution. :)

I can't tell you a certain amount of time, other than just stick around for a long period of time. Good luck! ;)
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