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Custom Sprays!

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:47 pm
by Orb

Yes, you!

Would you like your own CUSTOM spray that you can use on the server?
Of course you would!

My name is Orb. I'm a VIP at Awesomecars, and I would like to design for you your very own custom spray that you can use on the server. Firstly, before you request the spray, you must meet some basic requirements for it to work.

Before applying:
[*] You must have the STEAM version of Counter Strike 1.6
[*] You must have an image of what you want the spray to look like

If you meet these requirements, please reply to this topic and attach an image of what you want in your spray or just describe what you want in detail.

I can do anything you like, here's an example of a spray I made for myself:

I hope to see you using an awesome spray on this awesome server very soon! :D