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Post by Black Panther » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:43 pm

Player seen abusing other players multiple times on the server. I have been requested by many players to ban him over the past few days and yet I refrained because I thought that he'd control after a few gags. Didn't happen, saw him abusing today and he also made personal remarks on me, I don't care if anyone abuses me (in fact I played along and tried to troll a bit ) but what if he targets other players? So you could say this is some sort of a final warning for him because I just spared him today hoping that he'll change and stop verbally abusing fellow players. If I or any other admin for that matter see him abusing anyone else, please ban him at that very moment . He's had his share of warnings now.

You guys can ask shooter, he has the required "proof"

#let'smakeourcommunitybetter :D
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Re: Skrub I recorded it

Post by Shooooooter » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:47 pm

*DEAD* Skrub : black panter suck my dick
*DEAD* Skrub : fuking indian cunt
[Admin] Black Panther : alright
*DEAD* [VIP] Mr.Undead : black panther
*DEAD* Skrub : send me bob n vagen
[Admin] Black Panther : please get it out
*DEAD* [VIP] Mr.Undead : ban him skrub :D
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : shooter
*DEAD* [Test-Admin] Shooooooter : yes
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : ungag karne do
*DEAD* [Test-Admin] Shooooooter : kyun
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : thoda tp karta hu uskle sath
[Test-Admin] Shooooooter : ok
[Admin] Black Panther : fir ban kar dete hai
*DEAD* Skrub : why you ungag me
(Terrorist) Nikosz Gamer1967 :
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : because i wanted to suck you
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : lmao
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : who said I am a man
*DEAD* Skrub : man u gay?
*DEAD* Skrub : you girl
*DEAD* Skrub : ?
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : yea baby
*DEAD* Skrub : maube send me bob n vagene?
*DEAD* Skrub : maybe?
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : and you just got killed by a girl
*DEAD* Skrub : this not mean nothing
Black Panther tells admins: lmao
KitchenPlay : howe teleport?
[Admin] Black Panther : you just used double negative
Skrub killed RCPlayer with deagle
[Admin] Black Panther : which implies positive
[Admin] Black Panther : lmao
KitchenPlay : whw
*DEAD* Skrub : why you play famas
[Test-Admin] Shooooooter : becuz he is famous
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : last I checked, it wasn't restricted
*DEAD* [Admin] Black Panther : lol shooter
*DEAD* Skrub : lol shooter
Skrub : you are not funny enough
[Admin] Black Panther : thats your opinion
[Test-Admin] Shooooooter : do not under estimate.
*DEAD* Skrub : omg stop
*DEAD* Skrub : playing this shit
[Admin] Black Panther : no baby
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Server Admin
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Re: Skrub

Post by HeaD|RolleR » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:48 pm

Good Job. He is well known for his trashtalk. Also, you have right to gag him if necessary, so do it. Just apply rules and you cant go wrong. His behaviour cant be fixed so punishment is the only way to try to make him chill a bit.
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Re: Skrub

Post by Maverick » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:57 pm

Punish him as you wish, I personally gag him cause it's not that big of a deal for me, but there always exceptions.
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Re: Skrub

Post by SavageGirl » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:27 am

This player is a real trouble! Every time i see him abusing in bulgarian (very often) i ask admins in server to gag him! And he didnt learn anything from these punishments... :(
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