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Creating Your Own Spray

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:26 pm
by Mr.Roller
Hello Awesome Cars Community.
As you know i gave up on being a Designer here long time ago. But lately i have been getting a lot of requests from people to make them spray.
So i thought why not teaching you on how to make your own spray!
This way you can make exactly what you want and in no time!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOW THE ACTUAL GUIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

|||||Tools you'll need before you start making your spray|||||

1. Hl-Tag Converter >>>
2. Image you want to make into spray.
3. Good Will!

|||||Now follow these simple steps!|||||

Open your Hl-Tag Converter and click on "Open Image"

Pick an Image you want to use as spray, and after that click on "Adjust Image" button

Now, select the size you want your spray to be (The program selects you the best size by default), and click on "Apply changes and convert to 256 colors" button

After that click on the "Save Tag" button

A little Dialog Window will appear, and there click on "Export to WAD file" and click "OK"

A window will appear where it asks your to save your spray file. Before you save it, you have to name it tempdecal. After you named it tempdecal you can save it now wherever you want (preferably on Desktop)

Now, Right-click on the tempdecal file that you just created, and set it to "Read Only" and then press Apply and Ok

And now the last step. Put your tempdecal file into your "cstrike" folder.

If you followed all the instructions correctly your spray should work and appear in-game!!!!

~~~~~ Take Note!~~~~~
-Some versions of Non-Steam Counter Strike don't support online sprays
- If your spray shows as "lambda" sign, you either didn't put it as "Read Only" or your CS 1.6 version is bad
-Never, like NEVER try to edit your Spray Options in-game, or you will rewrite your spray with the default one

Kind Regards, Mr.Roller :8

Re: Creating Your Own Spray

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:06 pm
by Maverick
I just followed the steps and it works guys. ;)
The tutorial is very good and easy to follow, thanks for finally explain it and make it possible for everyone to make his own spray. :8