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Re: -Ledger

Post by Saad » Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:46 am

Yea i do agree with you that you let online admins decide, but why i mentioned "TOP" or HEAD is because there was so many times back in the times when LOLUMAD used to do those things. Even slaying ME , why because he got teamkilled(there was no A flag at that time) . And i used to stay quiet waiting for any action to be taken ofcourse by you people. I can't fight back and slay him back or abuse his mom back (forget that mama ti prosta :haha: ) . I used to wait and wait and used to leave server when i saw there's no "respect" for me, there was something from another admin as well, A GAG for pure fun purpose but it that fun was of 10 REAL MINS in which i was not able to talk on mic or write a single word and no one used to remove that gag. In these particular situations, who i will look upto? Ofcourse you people which i always did, and waited alot everytime and in the end it was always like "Saad it's okay leave it".

- Yes, i know you don't play and the time he came you were not playing much, maybe just 1-2 times approx.
- I don't take things personally , i never gag or use admin commands if someone says something to me, abuse my family or anything, i just laugh with them cause if anyone says anything, it doesn't make it real . But at the same time it's not only me , if he was abusing some specific religion, there was shoooooter and some other players from same group online, they would've felt the same as well, but if i would do, it will always be like "Saad can't take any critic, Saad can't fight back so he gags players".
Oh so i was thinking to ask that or write it but i didn't . Now again something happened and i will write it ..
Oh i mean when i saw Maverick's reply to Ledger's VIP application, i wanted to reply all this but then i didn't. Yesterday something same happened like this (from another player) so i came here and thought to write this. Today nothing happened , Gladiator just said that random sentence, and that new player started abusing.
you could've just kick those player/players or even ban them.
thanks i'll try to do it now. And that's why i wrote all this because if Ledger was like that, everyone had to take action back then or you can say Maverick.
@Maverick: Oh today was some other guy :D and i don't have any complain except the last thing. I am just saying if Ledger was TOXIC,Trash talker action should've been taken back then, not now writing in VIP Application.
but no one is there to fight your fights and stand up for your beliefs
Ermm but Nojarq said something else. Hmm yup now i know why when Lolu used to abuse me 24/7 online on server, no one used to say anything or take any action, i should've fighted back and abused him back or taken action by gag or banning him, but i think it was admin admin and it's better if someone from top place handles these situations and watches what's happening.. It was not only beliefs but so many things like i wrote in above reply, about lolu , about someone's gag for fun, and ofcourse i don't think i should wait for the Top tier to stand and take action not me myself.
Okay it's making the VIP application into SPAM so i'll add spoiler and stop :D
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Re: -Ledger

Post by Maverick » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:19 am

I am looking forward to sort out this issue, thank you once again for taking time to mention all that.
I really would recommend you if you encounter such situations just let me know at that exact moment so an action to be taken immediately by me while playing if you just waiting for me, because in general I am not that good in responding that fast. :)
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